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Edna Barnes and Edith Johnson are sisters and widows in their late fifties who enjoy quiet lives together in a double-wide mobile home in a pleasant mobile home park. Things are pretty peaceful for the pair--until Edna's daughter, Ellen, shows up, suspicious that her husband of seven years, Roger, is cheating on her.

Edna and Edith jump into action to find out the truth about Roger and his supposed mistress. Edna uses common sense, while Edith relies on her son the police officer as an inside connection. What began as the case of a cheating husband, though, soon turns into the search for a murderer.

When greed, sex and heartbreak get involved, anything can happen, and Edna and Edith know this all too well. Their initial investigations into Roger turn up evidence that could solve three cold cases--and they're discovering that the adrenaline rush of solving crimes in much more enjoyable than daytime television, bingo and quilting parties. 

Available now at,, and Ebooks $3.99 Print $15.99

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