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Edna and Edith are two sisters in their late 50s who love to solve crimes. They've had many years of experience in the field when they worked for B&E Investigations in the 80s and 90s. They ended up marrying the two owners of the agency and loved the life of stakeouts, breaking and entering and surveillance. After their husbands passed away the two women purchased a home together in a Senior Mobile Home Park and retired, choosing a slower paced life for their senior years. Edna's daughter presented them with the opportunity to investigate the possiblity that her husband was having an affair and they dove in with both feet, eventually uncovering a murder plot and solving 3 cold case murders in their investigating. The adrenaline rush they rediscovered led them to believe that this is the kind of life they prefer over their humdrum life of TVs Judge Judy and Let's Make a Deal.

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