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Barbara Oliver Fletcher was born in Worcester, Massachusetts but now lives in Half Moon Bay, Ca. Formerly from Brookfield, Massachusetts, Barbara moved to Pacifica, California in 1969. She was a singer with bands in the 1970s; she and her husband owned a Video Store in Pacifica, Ca. for 12 years in the 1980s and early 1990s; then after sailing on two cruises she enjoyed cruising so much that she attended Careers in Travel Academy and became a Cruise Counselor/Travel 

Agent. Retired in 2003 Barbara enjoys photography, writing, ghost hunting and Bingo. Barbara's daughter, Cheryl Gauthier, pictured below and her granddaughter Melisa Wade, also pictured below were a big help in producing book number one with their input and editing services. Cheryl continues to help with input and editing. Cheryl actually co-wrote book number four and is co-writing book number five with me.

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